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Now You Can Quickly Build Your Ball-Handling Skills, Develop ANKLE BREAKING Dribble Moves That Work, And Gain The Advantage!
"My handles have gotten extremely better from when I first started Crazy Handles and now I have defenders dropping like flies on the court at my will. Thanks!" - Henry Jones, Missouri
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If you're willing to dedicate yourself to these workouts, you will see measurable progress in your ball-handling skills. Statistics should be documented throughout each workout, which will enable you to set numerical goals.
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SLAM Magazine said:

“Jon ‘Superhandles’ Hildebrandt is widely viewed as one of the best ball-handlers in the world. Through a combination of hard work, determination, and focus, he elevated his handle to an unprecedented level.”
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Superhandles has been highlighted in:
“Gotta get my handles like @superhandles.” 
- Jared Cunningham, Former NBA Player
“Jon 'Superhandles' Hildebrandt... He's the best ball-handler in the world. The best trainer in the world.” - Benjie Hedgecock,
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What others are saying . . .
Lamar Hurd
TV Analyst for the 
Portland Trail Blazers 
"I've played against and seen some of the best players in the country, including Portland's own Brandon Roy and many others, and I can honestly say that Jon's the best ball handler that I've ever seen handle the basketball."
Mike Rice
Former Color Commentator
for the Portland Trail Blazers
"The essence of basketball is handling the ball... In order to get your shot, you need to be able to handle the ball [and] dribble... I think Jon just does a marvelous job of teaching young people to handle the ball."
Kyle White
Director of
"I think one of the greatest things about Superhandles is, he's not an NBA player . . . but he's a pro! So I think kids can identify with him more because he's closer to their level... When they see him in action, and to be up close and to learn specifically from Superhandles, it's invaluable. There's no way to get the skill-set that he has without hard work. You can watch an NBA game, and watch Lebron James or Dwayne Wade, and admire their skills and be like, 'Wow! I want to be like him one day.' And then you can come in and actually take part in a Superhandles camp, and see skill-sets that are along the same lines and in some areas even HIGHER. It's inspirational for a kid because they can say to themselves honestly, 'hey, if I put in the work . . . I can be a fantastic player.' And that's what Superhandles brings to these kids."
SLAM Magazine
“Jon ‘Superhandles’ Hildebrandt is widely viewed as one of the best ball-handlers in the world. Through a combination of hard work, determination, and focus, he elevated his handle to an unprecedented level.”
 Want To Transform Your Ball-Handling Skills?
Did you know that good ball handling skills can make a HUGE difference in a player’s game?

This area of the game is often overlooked, underemphasized, or not trained in a game-ready manner… But there’s good news. 

There are actually things that you can do that can transform your ball-handling skills and give you a real advantage against your competition. 

And it doesn’t matter how big you are, how high you can jump, or what level of basketball you are currently playing. 

Game-ready dribbling skills can be developed and fine-tuned… But the majority of players I have seen who have an interest in this area are missing out on reaching their potential… 
Most are simply skill dabbling… Maybe they see drills on Instagram or Youtube and then go work on them… And there’s nothing wrong with this...

But this doesn’t mean that what they’re working on will help them against a bigger and more athletic defender who’s aggressive on defense. For example, the body and ball position may be too high which made the move slower and the ball easier to knock away… 

Maybe it wasn’t taught to push off without letting your heel touch the floor, when performing a specific hesitation move… And this made you slower out of the move. You could have had an advantage!  

Or how about this… You could have got your shot off after your crossover, but you raised up too high, then had to lower your body again to bend your legs, and you lost your advantage. 

Have you experienced this skill dabbling threshold? The thing is, this will limit any player’s game-ready potential, so you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

And this is where our 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workouts can help you. These workouts can empower you to quickly transform your handles while developing game-tested moves in ONLY 20 minutes per day...

The question is, are you willing to put in 20 minutes per day to work on your game? 

If so, you could be well on your way to mastering game-tested dribbling skills and moves that can give you a real advantage over your competition. 20 minutes may not seem like much time… but a lot can be accomplished… and you’ll find this out in these workouts.
You don’t need a fancy gym or a nice facility to do these workouts. They can be done at home in your driveway, or at a park.

Three 20 minute workouts are included (in option #2) that are jam packed with drills, over 15 moves, and secret training techniques that can empower you to transform your ability to handle the ball and create off the dribble… 

All you have to do is play the video of the workout, and do the workout right along with me on video. So you don't have to deal with not knowing what to work on, or trying to piece together drills you have seen on Instagram or Youtube.

And if you can’t take the DVD to the court with you, we also provide downloadable audio workouts that can be played to lead you through your workout. 

You can get with the first 20-minute workout for ONLY $7. This is a pretty small investment for the impact that they can have on a player.

Are you ready to begin these workouts? Just click the button below to get started.
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Two 10-Minute Workouts that you can stream on video!
Do these workouts right along with the videos! In addition, the corresponding audio workouts are also included, which will give you the ability to be led through your workout when you are unable to stream video.The audio files can either be streamed or downloaded.
The Stephen Curry 2-Ball Workout
The 10-Minute Weak-Hand Workout
 Stream The Workouts With Our App!
The Streaming version of these workouts can be easily streamed from  a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, and through the Superhandles App! Our App is available in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

So as long as you have a good internet connection, you'll be able to stream the workouts to a device of your choice (either through our App or a web browser)!
Streaming/Downloadable audio for the 3 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workouts
The audio will enable you to be led through your workout on a smartphone or tablet that has wifi access. In addition, if wifi or data is not available, you can download the workouts and play them on an mp3 device of your choice.
You'll also receive:
The Superhandles Workout Sheet
The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout #1 Outline
The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout #2 Outline
The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout #3 Outline
Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn...
  • Looking to develop a crossover that can be effective against good defenders? At least 10 intricate details need to be executed to consistently be successful against pressure defense. Learn them in these workouts. 
  • Build FASTER handles! Increasing your speed with the ball can make your moves MUCH more effective. 
  • Become more explosive out of your moves! Most players are unable to maximize their explosiveness due to a high body position, weak legs, and more. Discover what you can do to be more explosive in these workouts.
  • Learn Ankle Breaking Moves that can be used to gain an advantage in REAL games. You may have seen popular moves and crossovers that are entertaining but couldn't be legally used in a real game. But in these workouts, you'll learn how to develop devastating moves that are game-legal and game-ready
  • Learn how to pull-up for jump-shots out of two different crossovers in a game-ready manner. If you want to be able to create space for a jump shot against bigger and faster players, you need to be able to efficiently create space, protect the ball, and quickly get your shot off. Without the game-tested techniques taught in these workouts, your pull-up will lackgame-ready proficiency.
Imagine having Handles like these players...
Note: All players highlighted in this video have dedicated themselves to doing Superhandles Workouts. If you'd like to talk to one of them about our workouts, send us an email and we'll connect you.
Can these workouts help me?
Yes! These game-ready workouts are ideal for a point guard or shooting guard, but can also be beneficial for a forward or center. Furthermore, these workouts can help boys and girls basketball players of various levels of play, which include middle school, high school, college, and pro level players. In short, these workouts can help you! Will you be our next success story?
Note: If your son or daughter is a beginner or has very little basketball experience, consider starting with Youth Basketball Secrets. Click here>>
"I can create space and shoot of the dribble way better and my dribbling is way better thank you🏀" - Noah French
"My 8 year old son has been doing the workouts and is really improving." - Dan Enander
The Crazy Handles Workouts
Option #1
The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout #1
1 Workout Included.
  •  One 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout
  •  Begin To Transform your handles in ONLY 20 minutes per day.
  •  Stream the workouts with the Superhandles App.
  •  5 Game-Ready moves are drilled.
  •  Learn secrets to the footwork of the core moves that are drilled. 
  •  Learn secrets to a fundamental "skipping" technique that can provide a huge advantage off the dribble. (Note: Most players either do this inefficiently or not at all.)
  •  Super efficient workout. This workout is only 20 minutes long, but the drills, moves, and techniques can provide the fundamental foundation for more advanced moves.
  •  Audio download of the workout.
  •  A superb way to get started with Superhandles workouts. You'll see results quickly!
Free Bonus
5 Weak-Hand Drills
  •  The streaming video will show you 5 drills that you can start using right away to help your weak-hand.
  •  Do these drills from home! 
$77 Value
But you can get The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workout #1 for
Option #2
The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workouts
3 Workouts Included.
  •  Three 20-minute workouts are included.
  •  Transform your handles in ONLY 20 minutes per day.
  •  Stream the workouts with the Superhandles App.
  •  Over 15 moves are drilled.
  •  Add 3 DEVASTATING crossovers to your game that most players do INCORRECTLY (and aren't game-ready). 
  •  Learn secrets to creating space for a jump-shot against an aggressive defender. You will be exposed to several moves and techniques that you can start using right away!
  •  Super efficient workouts. The workouts are only 20 minutes long, but they are jam packed with drills, moves, and techniques that can propel a player to a game-ready level.
  •  Audio downloads of the 3 workouts.
  •  The DVD version is also available.
  •  Quick results! But you have to be willing to put in 20 minutes per day. Are you ready to get started?
Free Bonus
5 Weak-Hand Drills
  •  The streaming video will show you 5 drills that you can start using right away to help your weak-hand.
  •  Do these drills from home! 
$207 Value
But you can get The 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workouts for
Only $6.65 Per Workout
Option #3
The Crazy Handles Deluxe Package
11 Workouts Included.
  •  Three 20-Minute Crazy Handles Workouts.
  •  Seven 1-Hour Crazy Handles Workouts.
  •  One Long Crazy Handles Workout (3 hrs).
  •  Stream the workouts with the Superhandles App (Only streaming available for this option.)
  •  Over 40 total moves are drilled! 
  •  More Drills. There is more time available in the 7 1-hour workouts, so we can work on more drills.
  •  More Detail. Since the 1-hour workouts are longer, more detail can be provided.
  •  Audio downloads of all 11 workouts.
  •  Terrific option if you are willing to do 1-hour workouts.
Free Bonuses
Super Moves Vol. 1 & 2
  •  Currently available on our main website for $57. Included here as a free bonus.
  •  These videos breaks down over 55 basic to advanced moves off the dribble. 
  •  Much more...
5 Weak-Hand Drills
  •  The streaming video will show you 5 drills that you can start using right away to help your weak-hand.
  •  Do these drills from home! 
$1378 Value
But you can get the Crazy Handles Deluxe Package for
Only $3.63 Per Workout
What's the catch?
There's no catch! Just cover the Shipping & Handling (only $3.95 inside the USA) and we'll ship it out within 3 business days. Tracking information will be emailed to you upon shipment, so make sure to enter a valid email address. You have nothing to lose and Crazy Handles to gain. Are you ready?
Why is it free?
We’re doing this for a number of reasons. We want to help as many players as we can. One of our goals is to give away things for free that are better than what others charge money for. Furthermore, if you like this and see the quick results that many thousands of players have experienced through the years using our workouts, then we hope you'll take a look at our full curriculum, which includes over 250 workouts.
The Crazy Handles Workouts
Real Players. Real Results.
The Crazy Handles Workouts are basically the best workouts I've ever seen. They're innovative. They're creative... I'd recommend the Crazy Handles to any basketball player that wants to take their handles to the next level." - Travis Bieker (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin)
Words About The Crazy Handles Workouts
Jim Reiser
Head Coach, Wolfpack Basketball
1st thru 6th Grade Teams

M.S. of Physical Education
AAU & NTBA Member
YBCA Certified Basketball Coach
Positive Coaching Alliance Certified
"First, you have done an amazing job. I can't imagine the time, work, and money you have put into this. My 5 & 7-year old already LOVE the workouts and do them 2x a day because THEY want to do them. And again, Excellent, excellent work! I have subscribed to Better Basketball in the past (not a real fan) and I own over 100 Championship productions videos which are primarily from their clinics. They are hit or miss as you probably know. You provide the most comprehensive program I have seen and most importantly, the kids/players love to do it with you!

Travis Bieker
"The Crazy Handles Workouts are basically the best workouts I've ever seen. They're innovative. They're creative... I'd recommend the Crazy Handles to any basketball player that wants to take their handles to the next level." 
Sonny Rodgers Jr.
"I love the [Crazy Handles] workouts.They are so in depth and accurate. I love the detail and can't wait to become as uncanny as you with my handle. Kudos to you for creating these videos. My handle has definitely improved. Before watching the videos I thought I dribbled pretty good. Now I know better. Thank you."
Ben Waterman
"The 'Crazy Handles Workouts' are by far some of the most advanced ball handling workouts I've ever done. It has drills and teaching points that I've never seen or taught anywhere else. Not only do they expand your skill level while you do them, they also shows you in specific detail how to use the skills you learn, when to use the skills you learn, and why the skills you are honing work. Don't be fooled by the name these are complete workouts drilling multiple skills at a time. The 'Crazy Handles Workouts' are honestly some of the best workouts I've ever done."
Caden Bieker
"The Crazy Handles Program is an overall game changer. It teaches new and different Game Ready moves that will translate to the game. I love doing the Crazy Handles workouts because every time I do one I feel that I'm getting better."

Robert Woods
It has worked on my son's handles and he is working harder than he is used to. We find the DVD to be very helpful in improving his handle. I will recommend this to friends and will be purchasing other products like Super Handles and the jump-shot DVD from your company. Love it."
Cal Kreger
I purchased crazy handles for my 9yr old son. I saw improvement right away. He may not be able to do every one of the moves in the workouts but I encourage him to do his best to execute each move the best he can at a slow speed and work up from there. These workouts are the best I have ever come across."
Gerald Miller
My son (Andrew) and I have watched the videos. He's a reserve on the Freshman team and has been trying moves in practice... There is a lot of great ball handling moves to work on and I know he will capitalize on those and be a real offensive threat next year. Thank you."
 Myle Hammond
I'm coaching a 9 year old boys AAU team and have started including elements from some of your workouts and can already see improvements in their ability to get to the basket off of the dribble."
Tracy Harris
(Tracy's son in pic)
Hey, my son has been getting better. It is increasingly hard to stop him."
Dakota Bush
The only word I can use to describe it! Amazing."
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“Jon Hildebrandt (Superhandles) has helped my nine year old son develop his ball handling skills to have handles like a high school player. My son started with the Youth training workouts and has worked his way up to the College level workouts. Jon does an extraordinary job in his workout programs explaining “how to” dribble a ball effectively and detailed ball handling drills to improve any level of players handles. If you are a serious player and want to improve your ball handling, I highly recommend purchasing any of the Superhandles basketball programs.”
-James Elias – El Paso, TX
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